Congratulations Seniors

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What is more exciting than graduation from high school?  The anticipation of what lies ahead and leaving childhood behind is best captured in senior photos that allow for the Senior to be relaxed and to have fun. Mackinac Island is the perfect place to take senior photos.  Being in the outdoors allows for movement and when we take photos we do move! Beach, gardens, boats, historic name it and Mackinac Island has it!  The lighting of the evening hours is always my favorite, but we take photos anytime of the day, always finding that perfect place where personality breaks out and nervousness turns into confidence.  

Each of these senior photographs are special to me.  Having shared this photo experience with them makes me enjoy looking back on these days and look forward to those coming up this summer and fall.  Choosing to come to Mackinac Island whether it be a day trip or an extended vacation will give you memories and photos of this time in your life that will last a lifetime.  


This is Emily Modd who I have knows for years and have enjoyed watching her style and her zeal for life!  We had a great time taking photos at the Inn at Stonecliffe and also along the shoreline and the woods.  

Emily's parents are Chris and Amy Modd who are business owners on Mackinac.  Emily brought her puppy along for the photo and we enjoyed including him into several of the photos, having a good time at the beach and making lots of memories.  


This is Madison Rock from Battlecreek, Michigan.  Madison and her mother drove up that day from Battlecreek and I think they might have driven home that evening.  We took photos downtown and in front of Windermere Hotel, with their famous fence and flower baskets providing a place to pose with Main Street Mackinac in the background.  



This is Cecilia Murray who grew up on the Island and graduated from Petoskey High School.  Cecilia is stylish, fun loving and has a strong love for people and God that I treasure.  She is going to be a fashion designer one day and is headed to my Alma Mater of Kent State University, which has a strong program in fashion design and some great bars!

This is Mary Koboski and every time I think of Mary I think of the movie "There's Something About Mary" with Cameron Diaz!  Mary has this inner glow that makes you smile and radiated in all of her photos.  We spent some time at the shoreline during the "golden hour" and also moved about to some of her favorite places on Mackinac Island.  Mary graduated from Petoskey High this year and is sure to go so far in whatever direction she chooses.  It has been a pleasure and my blessing to watch her grow up during summers on Mackinac Island.  


This is Christian Styburski who graduated from Mackinac Island Public School.  He is a leader and a dedicated friend and son to his family and his community.   Christian was easy going and we captured most of his photos in the woods and at Great Turtle Park in the center of Mackinac Island.  Fall can be a really good season for photos on Mackinac and Christian's were taken in mid October.  Christian's family goes to our church and we have seen him grow into a very fine young man and know that God's plans for him are going to take him very far. 



Alex Lynch is from La Grange, Illinois.  He is a great runner and spends most of his summers training for cross country.  Alex was best photographed on the move!  More relaxed walking that sitting down, we moved around a lot, taking this photo on the shoreline on the southwest side of the Island.  



This is Mary Rosa Clark who is from Garden City, Michigan.  She and her mother wanted to take photos at the Metivier Inn and also along the shoreline at Windermere Point.  We had a beautiful day and Mary's sweet nature was shining through in each of her photographs, a lovely young lady who will brighten anyplace she goes.  


This is The Jack Seebohm, another Petoskey High graduate and son of Lauren Radecki and Steve Seebohm.  It was a pleasure to photograph Jack and an experience that I will treasure as Jack maked us laugh with his impersonations and clowning around. I love letting someone like Jack just do his thing instead of trying to make him do ours!  We know Jack is going to be a world changer and we mean that in the most complementary way! 


Last but not least!  This is Talon Greenlee.  Talon loves sailing and is a graduate of Mackinac Island Public School.  His parents are teachers and we have watched Talon grow up into a handsome young man!  Talon is super smart and will be competitive in any field that requires knowledge and expertise.  We met at the  Mackinac Island Marina for photos and also at Marquette Park.  Mackinac has a diverse amount of scenery is a very small area, always allowing for variety in images that offer diversity and selection. 

All of our senior photo sessions include us taking a lot of photos in different settings on the Island.  Sometimes, we can get everything we need in an hour, and in some situations a couple of hours are needed.  Jeff does all of the digital editing to the photos, and usually does additional retouching to those images that are "selected' by the graduate for prints, yearbook and/or photo books.  


Contact us by email to secure a time for a senior portrait session.  If you reference this blog post we'll give you a free 8 x 10 with your session!  





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