Island Photo - Mackinac Island: Blog en-us Island Photo - Mackinac Island [email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Wed, 30 Aug 2023 01:36:00 GMT Wed, 30 Aug 2023 01:36:00 GMT Island Photo - Mackinac Island: Blog 90 120 Just How We Like It Tessa & Derek of Grand Blanc were married at the Peace Garden, located at Marquette Park, part of Mackinac State Historic Park on a beautiful summer day.   Surrounded by the greenery of this beautiful garden, an intimate setting was created, as the family joined them for this special ceremony which was performed by local minister Minister Marie Hulett.


Derek and Tessa planned several months in advance..leaving behind anything unnecessary details, so they could stay focused on their main objective - getting married!

Photographing their first look was the initial order of the day.   Since their hotel Lake View Hotel was located just across from the waterfront  Windermere Point, photographer Christi Dupre suggested it as the perfect location for the soon to be married to have that private moment together.

Watching Tessa made her way to the beach was captivating, walking among the horses and the open air park Tessa, a stunning bride in her beautiful bridal gown.  Derek was looking very handsome and dressed in a sharp grey suit.  Both had forgotten to pick up their flowers beforehand, but having both hands available for this event wasn't such a bad thing! 

Derek as a fan of photos by the water and Tessa the gardens!  So this gave us a perfect opportunity to take a few more photos before heading to the ceremony. 


The family made the Lake View Hotel the headquarters for their family gathering so after greeting one another and receiving their beautiful flower bouquets. Tessa and Derek received the beautiful flowers and the group headed off for the 1/2 mile walk to Peace Garden. 

The ceremony was simply lovely and afterwards, the photos of family revolved around making sure we could get little Alex to smile which he did!

Above the Peace Garden is the East Bluff and wooded paths that lead to the Somewear in Time Gazebo.  With an adventurous spirit and flat shoes, Tessa said 'Yes" to the idea of walking up to the East Bluff.  From there we were able to get some beautiful photos. 

Barefoot and happy, the two walked down the many steps to the Park and their son and on to their happily ever after!  A perfect day on Mackinac Island. 


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Beautiful Wedding Day  

Jessee and Lindsey exchanged their vows at the Harbour View Inn on June 4th amid budding lilacs and cheery tulips - their best friends and family at their side. 


Getting ready at one of the suites at the Harbour View Inn, Lindsey's nieces and nephews were adorable flower children and ring bearers. 


The wedding ceremony was performed by a good friend and vows were exchanged in this beautiful intimate gathering of family.

Following family photos, this adorable couple took a romantic walk to the marina and park for some photos before returning back for their reception at the Harbour View Inn. 


Their lovely flowers and delightful smiles, love and affection shown most brightly in one of the more simple yet stunning weddings of the season! 


The Island's weather, foliage and beauty did not disappoint!  The staff and setting at Harbour View Inn is always a wonderful choice for a wedding ceremony. 



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Our Favorite Things


When Adam and Tiffani engaged, they began planning a large wedding back home.  When things got complicated, they decided to have a wedding with fewer guests.  Refining and defining what truly made them happy, they decided on an intimate family affair on a beautiful Island, among the colorful late summer/early fall colors of Mackinac.   In a few words....their Favorite Things. 


The Inn at Stonecliffe was their first choice due to its privacy, outdoor ambiance and romantic feel.  Tiffani's hair and make up was done by Vintage Glam at the Stonecliffe salon. Surrounded by her girlriends and family, Tiffani got ready at Stonecliffe's Summerhouse Suite and Adam and his best man in one of the Cudahy Mansion suites. 

The groom and bride chose a "first squeeze" instead of a first look.  When asked for ideas, I suggested the spiral wooden staircase leading down to the first floor.  This proved to work perfectly as they could hold hands but not see one another.  The initimate moments that followed were very special.  Each had prepared a message to the other that they read to themselves after separating those squeezing hands!

The wedding took place in the Stoncecliffe Grotto.  Each of them had one attendant, and Adam's aunt performed the ceremony.  Music was provided on harp which set the stage for a super memorable exchange of vowels.  Tiffany's bouquet and Adam's boutonniere were created by St Ignace in Bloom, and included Tiffany's favorite, sunflowers.  They were bright and gorgeous.  After the ceremony, the couple stole a few minutes to themselves after they walked hand in hand through the trees that led to the orchard and lawn. 

The rest of the bridal party joined Tiffany an Adam and they made their across the lush green lawn to the reception.  Lots of fun, laughter and smiles as they celebrated the marriage.  

After a luncheon reception on the deck of the verandah, which included a first dance and cake cutting, we took advantage of the beautiful day and the changing colors taking photos on the Great Lawn and in front of the Mansion.     

Our first stop after leaving Stonecliffe by wedding carriage provided by Gough Livery, was to the West Bluff for the best view of the Mighty Mac, fun Main Street photos and then a stop at Marquette Park with views of Fort Mackinac.  Their final destination was the waterfront Iroquois Hotel for a dinner reception at the Carriage House dining room.  

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Dreams Come True Booke and Kyle began planning their dream wedding many many months before it took place.  During this wait, many changes occurred that made the actual day even more special.  It was the culmination of a lot of faith, dreams and planning coming together among the family that supported them all the way.  The ceremony took place at the Inn at Stonecliffe.  Flowers were provided by St Ignace in Bloom.  It was a warm day in June, and the sunny skies and perfect breeze made it a delight for all the guests who had traveled far and wide to get to the wedding.  A carrige ride by Gough LIvery took them to the West Bluff and we stopped along the way for photos in the beautiful wildflower gardens.  Returning to the Inn, introductions and music by DJ Brevin along with toasts and more activity on the dance floow.  As the evening winded down, Brooke sang to her mother  a beautiful song that she had written to thank her for all that she had done.  


Dreams Come True Dreams Come True Dreams Come True Dreams Come True Dreams Come True Dreams Come True Dreams Come True Dreams Come True Dreams Come True Dreams Come True Dreams Come True Dreams Come True Dreams Come True Dreams Come True Dreams Come True Dreams Come True

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High School Sweethearts Katie and Adam were high school sweethearts who recently moved to Denver, but never forgot their favorite destination, Mackinac Island.  Lots of good friends came to watch them officially tie the knot, and the delightful property at the Inn at Stonecliffe was a perfect location for lots of beautiful photographs. A bit cloudy, the lighting was very nice, great for taking photos in the orchard prior to the wedding, and afterwards we walked to several beautiful locations around the resort.  Adam and Katie had a very fun reception, and the guests enjoyed dancing and a delicious sweets bar by Bella e Dolce,  We love photographing at the Inn at Stonecliffe, the views over the lawn and the Mackinac Bridge are spectacular.  

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The perfect location for Senior Year Photos


Mackinac Island is such a wonderful setting for senior photos.  Walking to the beach, the Grand Hotel, the lawn and gazebo of Mission Point, and of course the wooded or fantastic floral gardens...lighthouses, Mighty Mac bridge - all these within a couple of hours of your time, and a bit of stamina. 

Yes, walking the Island and taking photos of Seniors in High School is something I love to do.  Making it fun - knowing it is very important that I capture their unique personality and beauty.  Keeping the student relaxed, making sure that Mom has the photo she wants too, and keeping it within Dad's budget!  And making sure that the custom digital work is right on too - making the photos available after the photo shoot and easy to order.  Caring about all of those things matters to Jeff and I at Island Photo,

Here's some of my favorites of last week's photo session Taken of a beautiful and confident young lady, Caitlyn.  Who, with her sister toting the necessary change of clothes, taking over 250 photos at in two dozen locations in an hour! 

I guess that's why I love the Senior photo shoot - It's a challenge, but with great rewards! 


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Sisters of the Bride If you have a sister, then you know that planning a wedding is a combined effort.  If you have 5 sister, than your wedding is going to be crazy fun, full of surprises and full of emotion!  So it is not surprise then that Rachel and Kyle from Auburn Hills recevied a lot of love from their sisters, family and friends at their wedding at the beautiful Mission Point Resort. 


Spring and tulips were the beautiful backdrop for the Gazebo wedding with 200 guests from all over the country.  The Lakeside Salon at Mission Point was the location for the bridal party to get ready and the gals had plenty of fun helping Rachel. 


Kyle and his groomsmen were the ultimate in cool, in blue with green vests, a bright and beautiful complement to the outdoors.  Stopping at several places during the carriage ride, we were able to take lots of amazing photos, as Rachel and Kyle were laughing and having a good time.  


Back at the Island and the reception at Mission Point Resort's Cypress Room, the couple continued to enjoy their friends and the fun.  Dancing to DJ Brevin's tunes was incredible as always. 


Wishing this super couple every happiness they have dreamed of along with the blessings of sisters!


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Stonecliffe Stunner Wedding at The Inn at Stonecliffe are always special.  Where else on Mackinac Island can you incorporate the woods, Mackinac bridge views, the great lawn and the sunset backdrop.  

So choosing Memorial Day weekend was taking a chance of cool weather, perhaps even some rain but the day was absolutely perfect for Angela and David of Framingham, Massachusetts.  Over 100 guests attended from all over the country, as well as some local Mackinac Island resident, Becky Miller, wedding coordinator and a lifelong friend of Angela. 

Yellow flowers from Weber's Floral, wedding cake & cupcakes from Annie's Cakes, fudge favors from Joann's Fudge, music and DJ Patrick McManus, and of course an amazing dinner and delightful reception setting at The Inn at Stonecliffe.  

Ste Anne's Church was the location of the ceremony and bride and groom enjoyed a great carriage ride too where we stopped for photos.  David and Angela were so much fun with their bicycle for 2 and the smiles from the flower girl and boy kept everything a delight all day long. 


A great wedding to begin our 2019 season and we look forward to several more weddings at the Inn this year. 



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Mackinac Island "I Love You" The first time Courtney and Kevin, of Novi, Michigan exchanged “I Love You” was on Mackinac Island, making this the #1 choice for their destination wedding.  The cool temperatures on Mackinac on the Spring day of May 10th didn’t disappoint them one bit as they enjoyed plenty of outdoor photos following their ceremony and during the carriage ride through the Island.  The beautiful Mission Point Resort was their choice for ceremony location and for their reception for 40.  Courtney’s bouquet was provided by Margaret’s Garden/Grand Hotel.  Hair styling and make up was done for the bridal party and Courtney at the Lakeside Spa & Salon at Mission Point Resort. 


Courtney suggested we capture unposed photos and with classic photographs of the family and of she and Kevin.  We rode along on bicycle during the carriage ride to capture fabulous images with the Mighty Mackinac Bridge and other scenic and romantic settings


The Colonial Room at Mission Point Resort, redecorated for 2019 and looking beautiful was the location for the reception.  The wedding cake was provided by Bella E Dolce, who always makes each and every cake personal and perfect.  Courtney’s two cats could be a part of the wedding day as they has replicas of both Sophie and Cloe on the wedding cake itself!  No wedding is complete without favors of fudge on the table, with a variety of flavors from Joann’s Fudge - an Island classic! 












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Falling in Love The fall season got into full swing this week and we were excited to share this peak time of foliage with Jean Catherine and Nick.  Their beautiful daughters wore white dresses, white tights and sweet smiles.  Everyone got ready for the big day at Grand Hotel.  When Jean Catherine walked to Nick on the porch, she took our breathe away- well Nick's breath.  We continued to breathe and do our job! 

A lovely carriage ride, a bit cool, but no matter to any of us, the photos are stunning, the Island setting and color change on this mid October day was perfect. 


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Perfect Timing Sometimes two people come together at just the perfect place in their lives - the ideal moment in time, while surrounded by their closest friends and family  and in the place (Mackinac Island) that means themost to them.  That's precisely what happened during this past Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  

Minutes before arriving at the Market Street Inn to begin photos, the rain stopped, the sun came out, and the timing of everything began falling into place - easily.   Before the ceremony there was the first look and bridal party photographs at Windermere Point which was great, followed by and a few minutes with just Brandon and Allison to capture some beautiful and romantic photos by the water.  

The ceremony and reception were held at the Chippewa Hotel, a favorite of Allison and Brandon, and a perfect place to gather for dinner, dancing and all important Michigan football!  More photos at Marquette Park, the Marina and my favorite photo...., a very impromptu dip on Main Street, capturing the diverse Labor Day crowd's attention- all eyes on this beautiful couple!  These two have a special spark and love for each other and people that will stay strong and certainly gather others to it as the years go by.  

This wedding was lots of fun for Jeff and I to photograph together,  and we are grateful to the couple and their family for this opportunity to be such a special part of their day.  


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Overcast Skies? No problem! Sometimes your heart is set on the perfect sunny skies, sunny, warm, and bright! But if the weather doesn't turn out that way, and overcast is what the weather calls for - then make hay when the sun doesn't shine! 

This beautiful couple, married at Little Stone Church, was overjoyed with the weather.  He didn't like the bright sun, and she was rather sensitive to too much heat..and we got to take beautiful photos of them with dreamy overcast lighting which accentuated the beautiful victorian dress and veil and their lovely romantic eyes.  


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I Love Proposals on Mackinac Island! Nerves, anticipation, plans, implementation, flexibility, the question, the answer, JOY!  LOVE!  HAPPINESS! 

I love assisting the nervous guy who is trying to come up with the perfect plan to propose to his gal!  What could be more precious than this?  A guy who not only wants to go to a place like Mackinac Island and to plan the entire "weekend", but one that wants to have forever photos to permanently capture the moment!  

There are several wonderful places to propose and tips on how to do it successfully.  I like helping....and then I love seeing it all happen right in front of my lens! 

So Keep planning. Keep dreaming, Keep asking!  She will love you for it.    


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Smooth Sailing Having watched and been part of many a Mackinac Island wedding, Island born and raised Lake created her unique and very own fairytale wedding, complete with her fairy tale prince.  Grand Hotel was her choice for 200 plus guests as the beautiful tea gardens perfectly encompassed the bride and grooms large guest list of family and friends.  Lake, named for the Great Lakes that she was married by that day, selected the Chippewa Hotel to get ready with close friends and family following her hair and make styling at Vintage Glam on Market. 

John and his friends were light hearted and relaxed, despite some very warm temperatures!  Lake and her bridesmaids made a Grand entrance, - both parents escorting Lake across the large green lawn.  After the wedding, Grand Hotel Carriage arrived to take the couple on a delightful ride to the end of the boardwalk and down Main Street before arriving at the reception destination, the Mackinac Island Yacht Club.   An enormous buffet of amazing food by Tim and sweets by Missie surely satisfied everyone’s appetite, and the 10 piece band provided great tunes for dancing for old and new friends. 

As many a Mackinac Island wedding, the party continued through the evening making its way through the many night spots that provide fun and music for all. 

Sailing smoothly through the day, this beautiful couple continued on for a sweet sail of a honeymoon. 

As friends of the family, Jeff and I had a special joy as we watched this amazing wedding unfold and were very privileged as we are at all weddings, to be able to be a part of capturing the memories that will endure for a lifetime.  




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Lilac Elopement Choosing to get married on Mackinac Island any day of the year is a good idea.  Getting married in the middle of June, on a day like Kim and Mark enjoyed can only be described as P-E-R-F-E-C-T.  Lilacs are Kim's favorite flower, and movie, Somewhere in Time, starring Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour, filmed on Mackinac Island, was Kim and Mark's favorite movie.  So together, it made for a perfect day.  I love taking photos of a couple like Kim and Mark, who love photos, each other and Mackinac Island!  We went to many locations, passing through fragrant lilac bushes of so many colors.  Kim, carrying her own fragrant bouquet from Weber's florist, could not stop smiling.  These two were so happy, they jumped for joy after the ceremony! 


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Mackinac Island Church Bell Wedding What a beautiful Spring Day in May, when Terri and Mike exchanged wedding vows at the Little Stone Church on Mackinac Island. Having been friends for years, and family ties going over a generation, this wedding day truly brought two families together and made them one.  Terri was amazing.  She was the happiest bride, radiating love and jubilation in her beautiful wedding dress.  Mike was relaxed and the ultimate groom, making sure everyone had a fantastic time.  A carriage ride gave us a chance for lots of great photos, and upon returning to the Island House Hotel, the party continued.  Mike, being a bike enthusiast, got his dream wedding cake, complete with gear crank and chain!  





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The Heart of Love Sometimes two people get together who seem destined for each other.  That was the case between Keeli and Philip who were married at Little Stone Church on a beautiful Labor Day weekend.  Philip and his family had a Mackinac Island tradition of coming up on their family boat every summer.  Keeli's first time to the Island was the summer before, following Philip's proposal on Beaver Island. 

These two had so much love between them that it made your heart ache!  

The carriage ride was nice and long, 1.5 hrs and we went to several stops, us on our bicycles, them in a beautiful Vis-a vis carriage from Gough LIvery - getting fun photos as they enjoyed the romantic ride and scenery. 

Back to the Inn at Stonecliffe, the wedding party and family/friends had a cocktail hour on the verandah where lots of candid photos of friends, nieces, nephews, parents were taken and of course lovely wedding details. 

Keeli and Phillip were great dancers, Keeli surprised us all when the music started and she began moving as she just lit up the dance floor with her vibrance and her beautiful form!  Philip the consummate husband, son, and friend was special to watch as he was so happy and in love with Keeli. 

Another wonderful time with a wonderful couple and their family.  That's what I love about Mackinac Island Weddings! 






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We Still Do! Ten years following their wedding in the Domican Republic, Elssy and Brian decided to exchange their vows at Ste Annes Church on Mackinac Island.  Inviting Brian's parents and of course involving their 2 wonderful children, we took off for a perfect day of fun, photos and freedom!  

Having the freedom to do this again, without the pressure of 10 years before, made for lots of smiles, laughter and beautiful photos.

Grand Hotel supplied the amazing honeymoon suite, and the colorful Geranium Bar was the setting of their reception.  The beautiful flowers were designed by Grand Hotel's Margaret's Garden.  

A private carriage from Mackinac Island Carriage Tours picked up the bride, groom and family from Grand Hotel.  It was a great time as I rode my bicycle, hailing the carriage to stop at several unique and beautiful locations for photos, as we made our way to the church.  The August weather was perfect...not too warm and certainly not too cool.  

A simple ceremony at Ste Anne's Church united the couple in a Catholic Ceremony, having not been able to do this 10 years prior, everyone was exuberant as they knew that the nuptials were done right this time.

Grand Hotel's "bus" arrived to take them all back to the Grand, and this carriage is rarely used for weddings, I quickly took out several lens to capture this interesting carriage with the family smiling in delight.

Back to the Grand Hotel, cake and champagne toasts to the couple and the family, and a delightful dinner in the main dining room and a dip in the Terrace Room ended our time together.

Weddings on Mackinac are so unique...sometimes it is the perfect place to do it all again, in the style you have dreamed of!






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Life is a Journey Sometimes, it just takes a bit longer to find your romantic soulmate.  And when that happens, finding that special person takes on a meaning that is something very special.  Life is a journey, it takes a few turns that lead us to where we are now, and so when we get another chance at love,  it means that we're more careful, more certain, and maybe more determined to do it all right - and to enjoy the process more fully! 

We love weddings like these!  (Well, we love all weddings.)   However, this is when being a family photographer, an engagement photograher and of course a wedding photographer all get wrapped into one big package.  You are photographing "True Love", the joy of a blended family, and the beginning of two lives joined into one - the details, emotional moments and the excitement. Being a Mackinac Island Wedding Photographer, A Mackinac Family Photographer and a Mackinac Engagement Photographer....all this comes naturally.  We love every minute of the day and are happy to be able to capture this very special time in a families journey.  





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Something Special on Mackinac Island Ever wanted to just do something special?  To run away and marry the one you love - just the two of you?  Then Mackinac Island is a perfect destination to provide you with a beautiful and affordable place to tie the knot, yet one that is extra special.  Stephanie and Dan knew that Grand Hotel was the place they wanted to stay, having been fans of the Grand for a number of year, they had loved the movie, Somewhere in Time and had been outdoor enthusiasts for a long time, so biking, hiking and staying active was a priority for them. 


To arrange the wedding, they contacted Carole Erbel of For the Love of Mackinac to arrange their carriage, minister and of course their favorite photographer, Island Photo.  The temperatures for the mid June wedding were perfect - 72 and sunny and the entire day was a dream come true.  


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To Elope to Mackinac Island The original meaning of "elope" is to run away and not to come back to the point of origin.  So to elope to Mackinac is to run away from what?  From the things about a wedding that you may not wish to run to!  And that of course is never each other, shown so beautifully here between these two lovers who chose to purchase a home and to get started in life but not to miss having wonderful photos to celebrate the most special day of their lives together. 

Sunset Rock, operated by the Mackinac Island State Park was the chosen site for Susan and Randy of Grosse Pte Woods.  They met me in front of the Inn at Stonecliffe and we met with their minister Marie Steensma.  Marie did a fantastic job as always.  Afterward I signed the important papers as an official witness of their wedding, we walked in the woods, the apple orchard and along the front of the Inn for photographs. 

Susan and Randy ended up enjoying cocktails on the lawn at Stonecliffe and an intimate dinner for 2 at Woods Restaurant, operated by Grand Hotel. 

It was a beautiful early June day, the 6th of June - Warm, Sunny and full of LOVE!  


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Congratulations Seniors What is more exciting than graduation from high school?  The anticipation of what lies ahead and leaving childhood behind is best captured in senior photos that allow for the Senior to be relaxed and to have fun. Mackinac Island is the perfect place to take senior photos.  Being in the outdoors allows for movement and when we take photos we do move! Beach, gardens, boats, historic name it and Mackinac Island has it!  The lighting of the evening hours is always my favorite, but we take photos anytime of the day, always finding that perfect place where personality breaks out and nervousness turns into confidence.  

Each of these senior photographs are special to me.  Having shared this photo experience with them makes me enjoy looking back on these days and look forward to those coming up this summer and fall.  Choosing to come to Mackinac Island whether it be a day trip or an extended vacation will give you memories and photos of this time in your life that will last a lifetime.  


This is Emily Modd who I have knows for years and have enjoyed watching her style and her zeal for life!  We had a great time taking photos at the Inn at Stonecliffe and also along the shoreline and the woods.  

Emily's parents are Chris and Amy Modd who are business owners on Mackinac.  Emily brought her puppy along for the photo and we enjoyed including him into several of the photos, having a good time at the beach and making lots of memories.  


This is Madison Rock from Battlecreek, Michigan.  Madison and her mother drove up that day from Battlecreek and I think they might have driven home that evening.  We took photos downtown and in front of Windermere Hotel, with their famous fence and flower baskets providing a place to pose with Main Street Mackinac in the background.  



This is Cecilia Murray who grew up on the Island and graduated from Petoskey High School.  Cecilia is stylish, fun loving and has a strong love for people and God that I treasure.  She is going to be a fashion designer one day and is headed to my Alma Mater of Kent State University, which has a strong program in fashion design and some great bars!

This is Mary Koboski and every time I think of Mary I think of the movie "There's Something About Mary" with Cameron Diaz!  Mary has this inner glow that makes you smile and radiated in all of her photos.  We spent some time at the shoreline during the "golden hour" and also moved about to some of her favorite places on Mackinac Island.  Mary graduated from Petoskey High this year and is sure to go so far in whatever direction she chooses.  It has been a pleasure and my blessing to watch her grow up during summers on Mackinac Island.  


This is Christian Styburski who graduated from Mackinac Island Public School.  He is a leader and a dedicated friend and son to his family and his community.   Christian was easy going and we captured most of his photos in the woods and at Great Turtle Park in the center of Mackinac Island.  Fall can be a really good season for photos on Mackinac and Christian's were taken in mid October.  Christian's family goes to our church and we have seen him grow into a very fine young man and know that God's plans for him are going to take him very far. 



Alex Lynch is from La Grange, Illinois.  He is a great runner and spends most of his summers training for cross country.  Alex was best photographed on the move!  More relaxed walking that sitting down, we moved around a lot, taking this photo on the shoreline on the southwest side of the Island.  



This is Mary Rosa Clark who is from Garden City, Michigan.  She and her mother wanted to take photos at the Metivier Inn and also along the shoreline at Windermere Point.  We had a beautiful day and Mary's sweet nature was shining through in each of her photographs, a lovely young lady who will brighten anyplace she goes.  


This is The Jack Seebohm, another Petoskey High graduate and son of Lauren Radecki and Steve Seebohm.  It was a pleasure to photograph Jack and an experience that I will treasure as Jack maked us laugh with his impersonations and clowning around. I love letting someone like Jack just do his thing instead of trying to make him do ours!  We know Jack is going to be a world changer and we mean that in the most complementary way! 


Last but not least!  This is Talon Greenlee.  Talon loves sailing and is a graduate of Mackinac Island Public School.  His parents are teachers and we have watched Talon grow up into a handsome young man!  Talon is super smart and will be competitive in any field that requires knowledge and expertise.  We met at the  Mackinac Island Marina for photos and also at Marquette Park.  Mackinac has a diverse amount of scenery is a very small area, always allowing for variety in images that offer diversity and selection. 

All of our senior photo sessions include us taking a lot of photos in different settings on the Island.  Sometimes, we can get everything we need in an hour, and in some situations a couple of hours are needed.  Jeff does all of the digital editing to the photos, and usually does additional retouching to those images that are "selected' by the graduate for prints, yearbook and/or photo books.  


Contact us by email to secure a time for a senior portrait session.  If you reference this blog post we'll give you a free 8 x 10 with your session!  




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Beauty of a Spring-time Mackinac Island Wedding A May wedding on Mackinac Island offers so many extra amenities that weddings later in the season don't always provide.  Early season lighting makes everything glow in a clean, bright kind of way.  Getting to the church on time is easier with fewer bicycles, carriages and walkers in your path!  Exchanging your vows at Ste Anne's Church, with over 240 years of weddings history is always a rather reverential experience- adding your wedding to the many couples who have come before you for eternity.  

Gathering family, friends and a lot of beautiful nieces and nephews, the weather on the Island couldn't have been nicer.  Sunshine and clear skies greeted the many guests who came from all over, many from the Lansing area as were Lisa and Ryan. 

A horse drawn carriage from Gough Carriages took the happy couple to the boardwalk, West Bluff, the marina and down Main Street Mackinac Island.  Photographer Kate Dupre of Island Photo, followed on her bicycle, keeping up with the enthusiastic horses, all fresh from a winter of good hay and plenty of rest!  A reception dinner was held at the famous Pink Pony at the Chippewa Hotel, and photographs continued as Kate was able to take some photos in the famous bar that Lisa and Ryan will treasure forever 

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Island Photo Mackinac Island Mackinac Island Weddings Pure Michigan wedding Ste. Anne's Church Sat, 20 May 2017 19:47:40 GMT
The Perfect Storm Two beautiful people in love, a remarkable family, lots of friends, details galore, and the opulence of Grand Hotel made for the "perfect storm."  Perfect, in that as a photographer, you want to be  challenged to create, to capture and to declare with your photos  "This wedding was Special."  Working together as a mother -daughter team, Kate and I had a ball -  all day long just capturing the love and the electricity between Doug and Jessica.  The details for this wedding were so beautifully done and we could not have been happier with the direction we received by Jessica's sister, Teshna.  Doug was the ultimate groom - Patient, Thorough, Emotional and Involved.  Jessica the perfect bride - Happy, Radiant, in Love and Thankful.  We wish we could do it all over again but as truth be told...this is a "Once In A Lifetime" day.  We are grateful for the opportunity to be the team to capture the moments forever. 

A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm A Photographers Perfect Storm

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Grand Hotel Island Photo Mackinac Island Weddings destinationweddings Tue, 29 Nov 2016 16:00:31 GMT
Intimate Weddings When a couple decides to share their day with just a select few people, it gives the wedding an intimate feeling.  Andrei and Meaghan had their parents and siblings along for the lovely September day at Mission Point Resort.  The gazebo looked beautiful with its late summer foliage bloom and the temperatures were in the mid 70's.   After the lovely ceremony and fun photos as bubbles were blown, the carriage arrived and off we went on our bicycles to stop at several places for photos during our 3 mile carriage ride.  Among many spots, a favorite is the the shoreline with the Mighty Mackinac Bridge, as the Straits of Mackinac glistened as they stepped out of their fairy-tale carriage.




[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Island Photo Mackinac Island Weddings Mission Point Resort destinationweddings Tue, 27 Sep 2016 02:25:49 GMT
We are Family! Having found their true love, two Florida Gators chose to exchange their vows in beautiful Mackinac Island at the LIttle Stone Church.  A weekend affair, the wedding party was surrounded by many guests who came from the sunshine state bringing with them the warmth of the sun and of their hearts for each other.  


[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Little Stone Church Mackinac Island Weddings Mission Point Resort destinationweddings Tue, 13 Sep 2016 01:34:55 GMT
Good Times on Mackinac Island Some weddings are about love and some about fun.  Sometimes they are about both and this was the case with Marie & Scott.  The wedding began at the bright yellow Victorian classic Windermere Hotel, where the sisters enjoyed getting ready and putting the final touches to the hair and make-up that was beautifully done by Vintage Glam.  The wedding, expertly coordinated by For the Love of Mackinac's Carole Erbel, started off with a bit of rain and overcast skies, but by the time the carriage arrived at the Somewhere in Time Gazebo, the sun was breaking through and the wedding day was completely underway.  Music by the Mike Davis Trio kept the pre-ceremony lively and enjoyable, and when Minister Marie Steensma began, the tears and laughter began to flow.  Following the sand ceremony, the bride and groom arranged for each and every family or couple to have a photo taken with the beautiful bluff in the background.  Guests would all receive a wedding frame and their photo at a later date.

Sisters getting ready at the Windermere Hotel. Flowers by Weber's Floral & Gift


The carriage ride to the bluff and the boardwalks created some amazing photos as both Jeff and I are hustling and making sure we are working together at different angles, lenses and styles. 


Walk down from the Gazebo to the View


The beautiful Island House Hotel was the destination for the reception for Marie & Scott.  Music again by the Davis trio, and gorgeous flowers and bouquets by Webers Floral & Gift.  They were the perfect accessory to the reception and of course to the wedding cake too, created by Bella e Dolce.  With the cake cut and toasts given, it was time to enjoy some heavy hors d'oeuvres with a Mexican theme, while guests mingled about enjoying laughs and each others company.

To top off the fun, guests got casual and moved down Main Street to the Arnold Dock, where they boarded the Isle Royal Queen, the newest member of the fleet for Arnold Mackinac Island Ferry, offering an intimate cruise for this crew of 25.


Dancing, drinks, and a lot of photos of the Mighty Mackinac Bridge were the highlights of this festive gathering.  Warm temperatures, and a beautiful sunset were a treat no one will ever forget.

Congratulations to Marie, Scott and to your beautiful family.  We enjoyed you day and will remember it always. 

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) For the Love of Mackinac Island Island Photo Mackinac Mackinac Bridge Mackinac Island Weddings Photographer Wedding Mon, 25 Jul 2016 18:13:41 GMT
Love is Beautiful The natural beauty of two people in love is like Love to the second power - That thing I learned in school that had something to do with an exponential factor that I have pretty much forgotten.  Except when it comes to a Mackinac Island wedding that takes place in a dreamy wooded setting with a fantastic view - Mackinac State Historic Parks can give you more on that.

When Katie and Josh came together it was like something exponential.  Yes they were very attractive individually, but!  And Jeff and I were able to work together photographing this supernatural event which means our talent is exponentially replicated as well. ha, ha...... Here are some of the results!  Congratulations and our wishes for an amazing life, full of supernatural blessing and beauty.  We can't wait to watch your future unfold and look forward to you returning to your Mackinac Island home soon.

Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs Mackinac Island Wedding Photographs

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Mackinac Island Carriage Ride Mackinac Island Wedding Photography Mackinac State Historic Park destinationweddings Fri, 22 Jul 2016 20:26:50 GMT
Mackinac Island Engagement Proposal When I get a call from a guy planning a surprise proposal I get excited. It is just plain old fun to be part of this exciting part of a couple's life - the beginning of the walk to the altar and through life together.  Mackinac Island engagement proposals lead many times to Mackinac Island Weddings.  And being a Mackinac Island Wedding Photographer, and a Mackinac Island Engagement photographer - well this can mean a long term friendship and relationship.  So these photos of Thomas and Rebecca were created with a lot of enthusiasm and love - cause you never know what will happen after a proposal! Engaged on Mackinac Island! Woods on Mackinac Island Woods on Mackinac Island   Woods on Mackinac Island Woods on Mackinac Island Woods on Mackinac Island Woods on Mackinac Island Woods on Mackinac Island Woods on Mackinac Island Woods on Mackinac Island Woods on Mackinac Island Woods on Mackinac Island Woods on Mackinac Island Woods on Mackinac Island Woods on Mackinac Island Woods on Mackinac Island

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Engagements on Mackinac Island Island Photo Mackinac Island Egagement Photographer Mackinac Island Wedding Photographer Fri, 22 Jul 2016 19:09:51 GMT
Genuine Joy We love all weddings, but especially when you can see the genuine joy and happiness between two people who  belong together.  With Angela and Bill, every moment was a another piece in the puzzle as their life became entwined for a lifetime.  There were lots of laughs, a few tears, and two very happy people, marrying their best friend.  The weather forecast had been predicting lots of rain, but none were felt making for the perfect afternoon at the Somewhere In Time gazebo.   Mackinac Island continues to be the most beautiful destination for a wedding that anyone could dream of.  The blue skies, a little overcast were perfect for photos and the purple lilacs at every turn made for gorgeous photographs. 

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Island House Island Photo Mackinac Island Mackinac Island Weddings Somewhere In Time Gazebo Fri, 10 Jun 2016 03:21:16 GMT
Brown Eyed Girl With her beautiful brown eyes and a sparkling smile it is easy to see what drew Scott to romance Dena.  After several years of courtship, they selected the Gazebo at Mission Point Resort for their destination wedding.  Having met them both 2 years prior and being able to take their engagement photos the previous Fall we were excited to see them again and photograph the wedding.  At the Mission Point gazebo,  Dena and Scott were surrounded by all their family and friends on a warm sunny Memorial Day day.  Following the wedding ceremony, they took a long carriage ride through the bluff stopping along the way for photos.  Riding into the woods which led to a periwinkle field of forget-me-not flowers, Dena was game for a little walk through the woods with her husband Scott for some more great photos.  Back at MPR, a delicious multi station buffet and plenty of dancing and toasts put the final touches on a wonderful wedding.


[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) #marriedonmackinac Island Photo Mackinac Island Mackinac Island Weddings Mission Point Resort destinationweddings Fri, 10 Jun 2016 03:01:46 GMT
From New York City to Mackinac Island, Michigan Competing with the Big Apple for atmosphere and the perfect backdrop for photography, Mackinac and Island Photo came through providing the once in a lifetime memories for Marie and Shilang who got married at Historic Mission Church and enjoyed a great party for 125 at Mission Point Resort.  We enjoyed working with Marie and look forward to creating some really neat albums and enlargements for their New York City home.

"I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for everything you did for us a couple weekends ago. You went above and beyond to make our wedding day very special and we appreciate it so much. From taking extra time with us to capturing such joyful, loving moments, your work was better than I ever dreamed. Thank you."


Thank-you too Marie.  You are a beautiful person and we loved your wedding day style!


[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Island Photo Mackinac Island Mackinac Island Weddings MarriedonMackinac Mission Church Mission Point Resort Sun, 24 Apr 2016 21:08:44 GMT
Enjoying 50 years of Marriage! Who doesn't dream of one day being married 50 years?  The family who stays together that long has plenty to be celebrating and so the 50th wedding anniversary of a couple usually becomes a family reunion and a time for making new memories.  

I take very seriously the responsibility for making this time one that is enjoyable for all, however most of all, it captures the family in such a way that this significant milestone forever treasured in quality photographs.  I love the challenge to bring out the very best, the goodness in every family I have the pleasure of photographing.  

Our sitting fee for a portrait session is $200 as we  try to keep our family portrait prices low, to encourage a family of any budget to take the time and the money to hire a professional and have a great family photograph done right.  


[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) 50th Anniversary" Family portraits Mackinac Family reunions Mackinac Island Mission Point Resort Wedding Sun, 24 Apr 2016 21:03:39 GMT
Senior photo sessions Getting relaxed and having fun is the key to taking good senior photos.....and of course the editing is very important.  That is why Jeff and I make such a dynamic duo when it comes to senior photos.  I love this time in a young lady or man's much to be proud of and so much to look forward to - the opportunity to capture this time in quality photographs is a job I love to do.  The ability to edit each photo and to work closely with client and family is one that Jeff has 20 plus years of experience in.  Together, along with the most important part of the trio - Mackinac Island itself, we create quality photographs for your wall, for your yearbook, for your facebook page, for your grandmother and most importantly for you!  

Traveling from Texas, Anna was interested in having something very special for her senior year.  Some of her friends were going to Greece for their photos.  Mackinac Island would have tough competition but as always, Mackinac Island wins.   Especially with beautiful Anna! 

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Mackinac Island Mackinac Senior photos grand hotel senior photo destinations senior photos Sun, 24 Apr 2016 20:47:02 GMT
Family Fun We love using all of our experience living and shooting on Mackinac Island with families during our relaxed and informal portrait sessions.  Our goal is not to shoot hundreds of average images but to work with you to present gorgeous, wow, never captured before or again quality photographs.  We also like to be nice! To make sure you have a good time and to share with you scenic locations and quirky nuances that make the Island so special.  We've watched many clients children grow from babies to teens.  We want to make sure you have the perfect holiday card, anniversary album, or canvas wrap photo on your wall.  We've helped husbands with last minute gifts more than we can remember! 

So when Dana and Joe called to say they were coming up to the Island and bringing their kids I got very excited.  Having photographed their wedding in 2008, it was my pleasure to spend a few hours together, combing the beach, laughing by the shoreline, playing in the flower gardens, and just having fun with their growing family. 

If your life is as busy as Joe and Dana's life, capturing vacation time in photographs is very important.  We love the end result of our relaxed photo sessions - Beautiful photos of a vacation story never forgotten.  



[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Family photos Island Photo Mackinac Family Photos Mackinac Island Vacation Photos Sat, 23 Apr 2016 02:37:51 GMT
Falling in Love with Fall Weddings Choosing Mackinac Island for a Fall wedding is a fabulous idea.  The weather is generally warmer because our deep blue lake has gotten enough warmth to keep the island breezes gentle even when the temps grow a bit cool.  The colors and the lighting during the Fall make for beautiful portraits and stunning scenery shots.  Quiet weekdays make for a delightful time to say "I Do!" 


That is why when Trish and Matt contacted us in February and asked what we thought about October 10, we said "YES!".  They wanted something very special, and Grand Hotel is always a good choice for weddings, any season, but I love a fall ceremony in the Tea Garden because it is protected from the wind, and it is usually a few degrees warmer as it is bathed in beautiful sunshine.


A carriage ride through the woods in the vis-a-vis carriage with Grand Hotel driver Ben Mosely is always a treat. Ben knows horses and how to run them fast - so we get a good workout following along on our BICYCLE taking amazing photos of our beautiful Island. 


Thanks you Trish & Matt and your family for such an opportunity to be your photographers and capture this special time in your lives.  May you always be blessed with the grace and favor that you received on your wedding day!


Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings! Falling in Love with Fall weddings!

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) #MarriedOnMackinac Grand Hotel Island Photo Mackinac Island Mackinac Island Weddings destinationweddings Fri, 23 Oct 2015 14:17:16 GMT
West Bluff Beautiful Christine grew up visiting Mackinac Island and her grandparent's beautiful West Bluff cottage, however the real beauties were the wedding couple themselves.  Married on a warm September day, William and Christine enjoyed a carriage ride to the boardwalk then to her West Bluff Cottage after their wedding at Ste Anne's Church.  Excellent food & hospitality at the beautiful Mission Point Resort for their reception of 75. 




[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Island Photo Mackinac Island Mackinac Island Weddings Marriedonmackinac Mission Point Resort Ste. Anne's Church destinationweddings Mon, 05 Oct 2015 20:54:03 GMT
Mackinac Island Worth Waiting For! Derrick and Taylor had waited a while for their wedding day.  After 5 years of dating, they became engaged on New Years Eve on Mackinac Island in 2013.  From that moment on, they began to plan the wedding of their dreams.  Both Taylor and Derrick knew they wanted to make the famous Pink Pony at the Chippewa Hotel on Mackinac Island the place for their reception, and found out they could also have the wedding ceremony on the beautiful waterfront patio.  Being able to meet Taylor and Derrick at the Mission Point Resort Bridal Show in 2014, we knew how friendly and good looking they were and we were excited to photograph the day.

Little did we know, that the electric power on Mackinac Island would go out just before the wedding, with a generator supplying the needed electric to put the finishing touches on Taylor's hair!  Power not returning until several hours later, no one missed a beat, especially the service and servers at the Chippewa Hotel.  Perfect weather, a happy-go-lucky attitude and professional wedding vendors, all mixed it up to make as Derrick said "better than we even imagined!" 


[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Island Photo Mackinac Island Mackinac Island Weddings Pink Pony Weddings destinationweddings makeitmackinac marriedonmackinac Sat, 29 Aug 2015 02:44:27 GMT
Mackinac Magazine Cover "Christi and Jeff, Thank you so much! The pictures are amazing! We are really hoping for a magazine cover for you guys! Jeff took soooooo many incredible pics.  We are overwhelmed by the positive and loving responses we have received from all of our family and friends, the photographs are incredible! You helped us capture every moment of our wedding and more. Having friends on the island, to support our day was more than incredible. We had the best of the best for our wedding, and for that we can't stop smiling and feeling thankful. "   Daniel & Tomi Russ, August 8, 2015

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Mackinac Island Weddings Make it Mackinac Married on Mackinac Puremichigan weddings Mon, 17 Aug 2015 16:33:38 GMT
Island Spectacular Summer Wedding Summer weddings on Mackinac can combine some of the most amazing elements-many never considered options in the Midwest.  Warm breezy days, spectacular cruise ship, private yachts, brilliant blue skies, lighthouses, horses, and not to forget horse drawn carriages and pink ponies!  With the ceremony at the Island House Hotel front lawn, we challenge anyone who thinks a Midwest weddings limited to find a more stunning backdrop for saying "I Do."


All that and so much more for Katie and Dan, their families and their chic, smart and fun wedding party who partied it up at the famous Pink Pony Patio at the Chippewa Hotel.  Nautically themed in dark blue and white, this wedding was one of the most amazing of the season. 

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) #Pink Pony Wedding #makeitmackinac Island Photo IslandHouse Hotel Mackinac Island Weddings destinationweddings Sat, 01 Aug 2015 02:17:58 GMT
Weddings Dreams Come True Following their first look, Deborah and John from Ann Arbor, Michigan joined together in marriage in the Inn at Stonecliffe Grotto.  A romantic carriage ride through the woods allowed the couple time to get away and we followed along on our bikes, taking them to the beautiful locations for romantic photographs on the island.  Their reception was amazing with their families & friends enjoying the magnificent setting.  We went on a sunset stroll through the lawn to capture some more photos before the setting of the sun and the heating up of the dance floor!


[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Inn at Stonecliffe Island Photo Mackinac Island Mackinac Island Weddings Make It Mackinac destination wedding Sat, 11 Jul 2015 19:04:14 GMT
Playfully Yours  What an opportunity to photograph 2 young lovers from Columbus, Ohio and their wonderful families.  Bethany and Jacob were so tender and loving with each other and began with a "first look" prayer showing their love for each other and faith in their future.  The air was cool but the sun was brilliant during our carriage ride, watching these two interact playfully.  Back at the beautiful Inn at Stonecliffe, they celebrated with a intimate group of family and friends.  The cake cutting ended up in a cake mess, the first dance was so romantic and the father daughter dance left no eyes dry.  A great beginning for Jeff and I  for the season of Mackinac weddings and a beautiful beginning for B & J. 


At the Boardwalk Beach Smiles are bright! At the Boardwalk Beach Smiles are bright! At the Boardwalk Beach Smiles are bright! At the Boardwalk Beach Smiles are bright! At the Boardwalk Beach Smiles are bright! At the Boardwalk Beach Smiles are bright! At the Boardwalk Beach Smiles are bright! At the Boardwalk Beach Smiles are bright! At the Boardwalk Beach Smiles are bright! At the Boardwalk Beach Smiles are bright! At the Boardwalk Beach Smiles are bright! At the Boardwalk Beach Smiles are bright!

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Destination Weddings Inn at Stonecliffe Mackinac Island Mackinac Island Weddings St. Ignace Greenhouse Sat, 20 Jun 2015 16:19:31 GMT
Vernal Freshness Mackinac Vernal, appropriate to Spring, with colorful tulips, eager horses, and beautiful skies are what May weddings on Mackinac are made of. Janet and Dennis from Oakland County celebrated among their closest family -  children & parents on the West Bluff with views of the Mackinac Bridge  This small intimate group chose Grand Hotel as their starting point for their destination wedding with a party planned for back home in June. 

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) #makeitmackinac#michiganweddings#destinationweddings#GrandHotel#tulips #puremichiganweddings#mackinacbridge Sun, 31 May 2015 19:25:06 GMT
Dreamy Wedding Day Overcast skies and even some distant fog made for a dreamy setting at the stunning The Inn at Stonecliffe - Mackinac Island. A carriage ride in the antique Landau with Mackinac Island Carriage Tours with a stop at the West bluff and for a chance for some up close and personal photos. Lots of dancing and romance back at the reception under starry skies.

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Inn Island Photo Mackinac Island Weddings Stonecliffe at upnorthweddings Tue, 30 Sep 2014 02:05:04 GMT
Surprise Engagement on Mackinac Mackinac Island is not only a perfect place to marry but a perfect place to pop the question.  Undoubtably, hundreds of romances have begun on Mackinac, so we thought it appropriate to share this amazing moment between Kate and John who became engaged on Mackinac's famous West Bluff.  

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Engagement photos Grand Hotel Island Photo proposal photos Sat, 13 Sep 2014 02:00:23 GMT
Coming Home Returning home to Michigan from Gonzales, LA (the Jambalaya Capital of the World), Kate and Stephen celebrated their marriage on a picture perfect wedding day amongst 175 family and friends at Little Stone Church. A surprise arrival from bagpiper Gregor MacGregor added a touch of Scottish excitement to an already meaningful ceremony. 


 Mackinac Island Carriage Tours provided two carriages to take the bridal party for photos on the beach, bluffs and the woods and lots of fun group candids before arriving the Island House Hotel for the dinner reception.  

Lots of flowers from St Ignace Greenhouse, complemented the beautiful decor of the newly decorated 1852 Grille Room at Island House Hotel.  Numerous heartfelt toasts and great music made for a fun evening never forgotten.  

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Island House Hotel Island Photo Little Stone Church Mackinac Island Mackinac Island Weddings Fri, 05 Sep 2014 15:28:57 GMT
Laughter, Tears, and Romance Having photographed Brenda and Tony last summer for their engagement photos, we were looking forward with them to their wedding day.  A unique blend of surprises - special gifts, "first look" moment, Sunset Rock at sunset and of course our favorites, Tony and Brenda just being themselves combined to make for a lot of great photographs.  It was a spendid day at the Inn at Stonecliffe and the dancing and fun went well into the night as they had reserved the entire Inn for family and friends.  

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Inn Island Photo Mackinac Island Weddings Stonecliffe at Wed, 20 Aug 2014 15:46:11 GMT
Exquisitely Designed Exquisitely design your wedding day then let it flow!  Plenty of planning and organization by Eliseu and Jacquelyn paid off on the day of the big event as everything flowed perfectly around one most stunning couple!  The wedding took place at the Historic Little Stone Church with a carriage ride to the scenic spots on the island.  For the wedding reception at Mission Point Resort, Bella e Dolce created 2 cakes and Emerald Designs coordinated the accessories and flowers.  All in all a wonderful day with a beautiful couple.  


[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Carriage Tours Island Photo Mackinac Island Weddings Mission Point Resort Tue, 05 Aug 2014 01:19:00 GMT
All Together Perfect Tom and Gina from Lake Orion brought together their families and lives in perfect union at the Somewhere In Time Gazebo at Fort Mackinac.  Wedding coordinator Carole Erbel helped make the day perfect as she orchestrated beautifully details that Tom, an engineer and Gina his beautiful bride had carefully selected.  Abundant sunshine, laughter, and love made the day an unforgettable wedding for the many family members and friends who traveled to Mackinac to see them tie the knot.!  Dancing and fun continued into the evening at the Promenade Deck at Mission Point Resort.   Might Mackinac bridgeMight Mackinac bridge

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) For Love Mackinac Island Weddings Mackinac!" Ste. Anne's Church carole erbel of the Fri, 25 Jul 2014 17:44:44 GMT
Happily Ever After

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Destination wedding Elopement Island Photo Mackinac Island Mission Point Resort Weddings Sat, 19 Jul 2014 15:25:09 GMT
Love at First Sight Lindsey and Chris were married at Mission Point Resort among a group of friends and family that were totally in love with them and their wedding.  They had a bridal party that was full of fun and their day at the Gazebo at Mission Point Resort couldn't have been nicer.  It all ended that night with  a great party at the Summit Room dancing to DJ Brennan of Island Entertainment.   





insdey  Mission Point Resort BeachMission Point Resort Beach

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Island Photo Mackinac Island Weddings Mission Point Resort Sun, 13 Jul 2014 03:41:31 GMT
Fairy-tale Wedding Peggy and her family have lived on Mackinac Island for generations and there is no question that she had seen, sang in (she is a wonderful pianist/vocalist) and been a part of many a beautiful wedding on Mackinac Island.  So there was a special joy when she married her perfect mate, Jeff The admiration and adoration for each other was quite contagious....a deep feeling of love all covered the entire day.  Of course, every little girl dreams of becoming the princess and on her special day, Margaret Rose Bynoe wedding to Jeffrey Naber fulfilled her dream and then some!  

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Grand Hotel Island Photo Mackinac Island Weddings Ste. Anne's Church Thu, 26 Jun 2014 16:50:47 GMT
Somewhere In Time Sarah and Scott traveled from their Island home to Mackinac Island to go back into time for a perfect wedding at the Gazebo once used by Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour for the movie, Somewhere in Time.  These two romantics with their classic, beautiful look and the incredible love in their eyes would make any movie romantic!  

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Grand Hotel Mackinac Island Weddings Somewhere in Time Gazebo Thu, 19 Jun 2014 03:03:48 GMT
Here Comes the Bride The moment she walks down the aisle - that moment in time that will mean a lifetime.  As the years go on, I think that the memory of your father walking you down the aisle, and the first look from the church altar of the groom on his wife is one that should never, ever be forgotten.  Of course, in the excitement of the moment, rarely does a bride or a groom remember these moments.  That is why we do what we do!  

My own father is gone, but I will never forget  that moment and my memories are preserved by photos that were taken.  Trends come and go but making sure that moments like these are beautifully documented never goes out of style!  

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Thu, 12 Jun 2014 01:10:05 GMT
You'll look sweet upon a seat of a bicycle built for two! Danielle and David had a stylish marriage AND a bicycle ride down Main Street to their reception at the beautiful Iroquois Hotel.  Their wedding was at Ste. Anne's Church with minister Tom Marx on a warm and sunny day in late May.  Spring has been late coming to the Island, so the flowers and trees still have that lime green, fresh look and the streets in town were busy with school groups and carriage tours.  Like the song, we know that they are "half crazy" for each other and we wish them all the bliss and adventure that life holds for those willing to go after it.  

[email protected] (Island Photo - Mackinac Island) Island Photo Mackinac Island Ste. Anne's Church bicycle built for two Sat, 31 May 2014 04:29:00 GMT