Life is a Journey

August 04, 2017  •  1 Comment

Sometimes, it just takes a bit longer to find your romantic soulmate.  And when that happens, finding that special person takes on a meaning that is something very special.  Life is a journey, it takes a few turns that lead us to where we are now, and so when we get another chance at love,  it means that we're more careful, more certain, and maybe more determined to do it all right - and to enjoy the process more fully! 

We love weddings like these!  (Well, we love all weddings.)   However, this is when being a family photographer, an engagement photograher and of course a wedding photographer all get wrapped into one big package.  You are photographing "True Love", the joy of a blended family, and the beginning of two lives joined into one - the details, emotional moments and the excitement. Being a Mackinac Island Wedding Photographer, A Mackinac Family Photographer and a Mackinac Engagement Photographer....all this comes naturally.  We love every minute of the day and are happy to be able to capture this very special time in a families journey.  






Steve Collins(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful pictures...I am so happy for both of you and the children!!! May God bless you all on your marriage and commitment to each other...thank you for sharing your special day!
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