To Elope to Mackinac Island

June 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The original meaning of "elope" is to run away and not to come back to the point of origin.  So to elope to Mackinac is to run away from what?  From the things about a wedding that you may not wish to run to!  And that of course is never each other, shown so beautifully here between these two lovers who chose to purchase a home and to get started in life but not to miss having wonderful photos to celebrate the most special day of their lives together. 

Sunset Rock, operated by the Mackinac Island State Park was the chosen site for Susan and Randy of Grosse Pte Woods.  They met me in front of the Inn at Stonecliffe and we met with their minister Marie Steensma.  Marie did a fantastic job as always.  Afterward I signed the important papers as an official witness of their wedding, we walked in the woods, the apple orchard and along the front of the Inn for photographs. 

Susan and Randy ended up enjoying cocktails on the lawn at Stonecliffe and an intimate dinner for 2 at Woods Restaurant, operated by Grand Hotel. 

It was a beautiful early June day, the 6th of June - Warm, Sunny and full of LOVE!  



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